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Semi Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) is an advanced technique and procedure that will enhance your natural beauty and give your features shape and definition. Also known as Micropigmentation, it is the term used for applying coloured pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The procedure is completely safe and effective and is used for a variety of cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, lip liner or eyeliner.


Our Technician is fully trained and insured and qualified in Semi Permanent Make Up and our premises are fully licensed by Glasgow City Council. We are committed to providing our clients with the best technology and pigments and we use the latest medical precision plus semi permanent make up machine.

EYEBROWS - £300.00                

Anyone who desires shapely and full eyebrows this can be by hair stroke technique- simulating hairs or powdered blended eyebrow- a shaded in soft powdery look.


EYELINER - Upper £180.00  I  Bottom £180.00  I  Both £250.00*

The eyes can be defined by adding a natural or bold line to the top or bottom eyelid.


LIPS  - Lip Liner £300.00 I Lips Blush £300.00  I  Full Lips £450.00

Lips can be made to look defined and fuller by adding a blush of colour blended onto the lip or the lip can be fully coloured to look like lipstick.  


BEAUTY SPOT - £60.00

Application of a beauty spot can enhance the appearance when applied to any area.


TOUCH UP - any area from £100.00


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*same appointment